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Buying Your Probate Property


Need an inheritance property sold quickly?        Genuine Cash Buyers.        No agency fees.

Probate can be a complex and time-consuming process. We aim to ease the process of dealing with a deceased loved one's estate. We are able to purchase properties faster than anyone else in the market and present a cash offer just hours after your first enquiry. We offer 24 hours or attended exchanges meaning you won’t get caught up in a chain with there are no upfront fees and no hidden charges.

We pride ourselves on making instant decisions and can value your property on sight. We take a commercial view on legalities during the conveyancing process. We can offer you a seamless, speedy sale.

Our process is non-intrusive. We don’t always need an internal inspection. If you need funds to pay inheritance tax or other liabilities we can release these to you on day one and exchange contracts subject to a grant of probate.
We look at each property on its own merits, some will be developed by us and sold on, whilst others will be kept and asset managed within our group’s portfolio.

We purchase properties in every state of condition, there's no need to clear the property, we buy on face value.




Sell and Rent Back


At Fortune Green Capital we offer the opportunity for you to sell your property which enables you to clear any debts, pay inheritance tax and then remain in your home as a tenant by renting the property back from us. If you or a relative would like to remain living in the property, once purchased, we can make this possible for any period of time, even creating life tenancies which will grant you protection of tenure for life.

The process is straight forward, we will discuss your requirements directly in order to manage your needs and make the process as quick as possible. We will value your home the same day as your first enquiry, we can also give you an estimate of the rental payments required.


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